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Food sensitivity testing and food intolerance testing offers a scientifically based approach to improving nutrition, chronic conditions and overall wellbeing. Food sensitivity testing is an excellent way start the journey to health, happiness and improved fitness.

Food Sensitivity Symptoms
Common complaints of people who have food sensitivities include:

Benefits of Food Sensitivity Testing and Included Nutritional Counseling
Our patients report experiencing significant improvements, such as*:


Understanding YOUR Health!
We offer the most accurate laboratory test to determine Food Sensitivities and Included in the Program at (no additional fee)

FREE Medical Support for Nutritional Health!

Get blueprints that will help you understand what is happening to your health!

Email for information or call us for support!

​Issues with:

Insulin and Insulin Resistance

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Food Immune Reactivity 

Weight Gain or Obesity

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*While these benefits are typical, your individual benefits may vary.