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Leadership Team

With over 25 years of combined experience in the medical, clinical, and research fields, we can offer reliable testing results and expert advice in regards to all aspects of our services. Our laboratory personnel have extensive knowledge and experience in food sensitivity testing, both from the clinical and research aspects. Our health coaches are highly experienced in implementing clinically based health and nutritional programs.

Dr. James M. Blum

Founder & CEO

Dr. Blum has a career of experiences that support his expertise and gives value to his patients at Biotrinetix in the field of food, inflammatory markers and toxin sensitivities. He is devoted to helping those suffering with chronic illnesses by adding compliance coaching to assist with understanding the science and strategies necessary for improvement of health. The program uses a wide variety of treatment options that include botanical extracts to improve hepatic function, the gut and thus the immune system. Dr. Blum also has extensive experience in assisting patients to combat oxidative stress, improve sleep, digestive function, and more.

Dr. Blum's broad educational, from BS degree in electrical engineering technology, two MS degrees, one in regulatory biology and the other in biostatistics & epidemiology, and a Doctorate in Clinical Outcomes Research, all help to support his patients in getting to optimal health and wellness. Dr. Blum has done clinical trials successfully in categories ranging from weight loss, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, skin conditions, exercise parameters, oxidative stress, liver function, prostate, menopause, hormone regulation, and more. With his wealth of information, he has been welcomed to teach at two different medical schools and it has given him the insight to conduct studies in Integrative Medicine for the nutraceutical supplement industry. Dr. Blum has used his extensive knowledge in food sensitivity and functional medicine through out his career as he served as the Director of Nutrition, functioning as provider liaison, he worked with R&D departments in upgrading several food tests, he has worked in Quality Assurance (QA), and has designed clinical trials for test efficacy.

Dr. Lynne Broderick

Laboratory Director

Dr. Broderick has been licensed by the State of Florida as a Clinical Laboratory Director for over 35 years.  During that time, she has directed several clinical laboratories, the most recent being a large food sensitivity testing facility in Broward County. In addition to her expertise as a laboratory director Dr. Broderick has also held senior positions in the in vitro diagnostic manufacturing industry in the areas of Research & Development, Quality and Regulatory Affairs. She has extensive experience in the area of enzyme immunoassays and has developed a numbers of these tests that have been cleared by the FDA.

Rodrigo Raphael
Chief Operating Officer

Rodrigo has focused his career in supporting Providers, enabling them to bring a high level of care and healing to their patients through Food Sensitivity testing and follow up support. His scope, intensity and dedication in this field has enabled him to give guidance from a beginning step to successfully seeing patients move to a life long health with complete understanding of nutrition and optimal wellness. ​Having nearly ten years of experience in the laboratory and medical industry, Rodrigo has a keen ability to develop business processes centered around effective medical services. Rodrigo graduated Cum Laude in his class, and earned a Bachelor's in Business Administration, with a major in General Management from Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL. At Lynn University, he also earned his Master's Degree in Business and specialized in four areas: Marketing, International Business, Financial Valuation & Investment Management, and Hospitality. His accomplishments are numerous but include being a member of NSHMBA, National Society of Hispanic MBAs, and with a very focused goal he was also awarded membership to the Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society.

Our Future

We at Biotrinetix, LLC strive to bring advanced clinical testing into common medical practice. We clearly understand the effects chronic disease and systemic inflammation has on the health of the individual and continually look for new clinical tests that can aid practitioners in the treatment of such. Our goal is to become the reference laboratory for food sensitivity testing as well as for many other novel clinical tests. Our research and development is conducted by highly knowledgeable and experienced clinical scientists from a broad range of specialties. 


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