How Does It work?

We use a scientifically and medically accepted method of measuring antibodies in the body called Enzyme Linked Immuno-Assay (ELISA). This methodology is also used in many other aspects of medicine such as in the diagnosis of viruses, bacterial infections, and allergy testing. Food Sensitivity is related to the body's natural immune response and production of a class of antibodies categorized as IgG antibodies. Much like in allergic reaction, in which the body produces IgE antibodies, there is an immune reaction that leads to inflammation. However, unlike a classical allergic reaction a food sensitivity inflammatory response is much delayed and can manifest itself in many different forms. Because of the high level of specificity that antibodies have, our test is able to recognize which IgG antibodies are being produced by the body due to a particular food you are eating and thus causing a food sensitivity. See below for 90 different types of foods our test is able to recognize.

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