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I am a practicing Chiropractor for over 27 years and have devoted the past 10 years to functional based medicine. In my opinion a majority of today’s health issues, stem from our DIET. The foods that we now consume have been radiated, poisoned with chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, hormones and genetically modified. Over the years the general population has become sicker, heavier, and just not feeling good. It has been my observation that inflammation has played a major role in the deterioration of our health. After doing thousands of consultations the most common issues and complaints I have found are: I feel bloated, or have increased gas, signs of reflux, after eating a meal. There is no doubt a direct correlation between food, digestion, and symptoms. Some symptoms are delayed sometimes up to 72 hours after a meal. This can be due to a food sensitivity which nearly 70% of the population has. I have used many labs that do food sensitivity testing however BIOTRINETIX has proven themselves to be in a class of their own. I was impressed that I was able to get results in a few days vs weeks I was very fortunate to have meet Dr. Jim Blum the founder of BIOTRINITIX who has helped me implement Food Sensitivity testing in my practice. Dr Blum’s knowledge and coaching style has proven to be a valuable resource for myself and my patients. He has consulted with my patients in a professional manner. The patient’s outcomes were greatly improved with the help of Dr. Blum and the food sensitivity testing from. BIotrinetix. The addition of Food sensitivity testing has been a valuable tool to asses my patients for hidden food sensitivities. With the proper supplementation and elimination of the foods the patient is most sensitive to we can achieve greater clinical outcomes for our patients. Dr. Jeffrey Feiler, Maplewood Wellness, 1240 University Drive, Coral Springs, Florida, 33071

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