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What is your testing methodology?

We use a scientifically and medically accepted method of measuring antibodies in the body called Enzyme Linked Immuno-Assay (ELISA). This methodology is also used in many other aspects of medicine such as in the diagnosis of viruses, bacterial infections, and allergy testing. Our test is able to recognize which IgG antibodies against common foods are being produced by your patient's body and causing an inflammatory response.

How many foods do you test for?

Currently our test is designed to recognize IgG antibody production against 90 different commonly consumed foods.

How is the patient's sample collected?

Our test is compatible with two collection methods. The first method involves routine venipuncture using a Serum Separator Tube (SST, gold top), this method is recommended for practices who are running routine medical analysis and have a phlebotomist available. The second method is via capillary collection (fingerprick), we recommend this method for practices that do not have a phlebotomist available. In both instances we will provide your office with the blood draw kits containing all materials necessary for sample collection.

Are both of these collection methods equivalent?

We have performed extensive testing in order to compare both collection methodologies and have obtained a reproducibility rate of 96% or better.

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Is your test covered by insurance?
Unlike cytotoxic testing, IgG food sensitivity testing is part of the  standard tests ordered by allergists and other physicians working with inflammatory conditions, diseases, and autoimmune classifications. There is a designated CPT Code for our test, however BIOTRINETIX does not file insurance. We can provide a superbill for the patient to submit on their own.

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